Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Requiring more of myself...

Life seems to throw a continual barrage of obstacles at times. It can be downright overwhelming. Health issues. Time constraints. Finances. teachable moments (READ: hard and stressful moments). Day to day responsibilities. Plans don't go...well... as planned.

This is when what I require of myself slips. Not intentionally. It's not something I'm conscious off (I don't think). My eye is taken off focus. I just wake up one day and realize that I have dropped the reins and life isn't necessarily how I want it to be.

Change begins with me, though, and so I announce to the world (through this little blog) my plan to require more of myself. Small steps. Small changes. Changing life for a more meaningful (and eternal) impact... for me, for my kids, for my husband and for our home life.

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