Thursday, November 12, 2009

Garden wish list

So, here's what I want to grow in my backyard...
* Blueberries
* Strawberries
* Peaches
* Apples
* Pears
* Currants
* Raspberries
* Green beans
* Bell peppers
* Tomatoes
* Onions
* Cucumbers
* Zucchini
* Lettuce
* Sweet Basil
* Oregano
* Cilantro
* Thyme
* Rosemary (already have)
* Lemons (already have tree started)
* Oranges (already have tree started)

This is an ambitious list, I know. This may be a long term list but my goal is to implement as many of these foods into my backyard as possible this Spring. I'm convinced the benefits will outweigh the work that will go in to it. My family will be eating healthier;my carbon footprint on God's earth will be lighter by growing my own food; my boys can learn how to take care of and grow plants and food (ah, who am I kidding?! I'll be learning that too!)

You may be wondering what kind of backyard space I have. I can assure you it is small but with the help of the three books I have been reading, I'm confident the above items will not be a problem. I plan on using a combination of container planting, as well as a small patch of a designated garden in a planter box in addition to some fancy tricks I discovered in those awesome books!

Both the Organic Garden book and The Kitchen Garden book teach how to train a fruit tree to become a hedge, a climbing plant or to train it to grow on an arch or trellis! I'm purty excited about that!

However, most of what I have chosen must wait until after the winter in order to begin growing. So, what's a girl to do between now and March?? Once again, I turn to the books! The Organic Garden has, at the back, a chart of what to do during each season of the year! That's perfect for a novice like me!

I'm going to begin what I can now such as the herbs and plan layouts for WHERE my garden foods will go. I'll also be venturing into the unknown (for me) world of composting and learning about soil prep as I get ready to plant for late Winter/early Spring!

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