Monday, November 30, 2009

On the first day of Christmas...

Tomorrow is December 1st and the ushering in of the Christmas season. In an effort to create a more meaningful home life and enforce our family values and the meaning of Christmas, we are beginning our own homemade family advent calendar!

Here's our list of activities for the next 25 days to celebrate Jesus' birth, family and fun memories:

*Snuggle up and watch a Christmas movie together

*Write a letter to a family member expressing your love for them. Tell them why you like them and why you are thankful for them. Say a prayer of thankfulness for our family members.

*Make Christmas cookies and enjoy!

*Read about Jesus' birth in the Bible. Discuss what it must have been like!

*Go Christmas caroling with our Cub scout pack to the convalescent home

*Make paper snowflakes and hang them around the house

*Make a list of 10 things you are thankful for and hang it where you can see it daily

*Family Game night

*Bake batches of cookies and take them to our neighbors

*Read a Christmas story together with some hot chocolate and a cookie!

*Stargaze tonight with the telescope. Learn about the start that led the Wise men to Jesus

*Make special, handmade gifts for Nana and Great Nana

*Check out Christmas lights around town! Don't forget the snacks, Christmas music for the car ride and make sure to wear your jammies!

*It's Christmas Day! Happy Birthday, Jesus! Remember, on this day we celebrate Jesus' birth! His coming to save us is the greatest gift of all!

*Make paper chain decorations! On the back of each slip, write something that you are thankful for.

*Go to Christmas Eve service tonight!

*Bundle up because we're going for a nighttime flashlight walk! Be ready to snuggle and drink hot chocolate when we get home!

*Snuggle up and watch "A Nativity Story" together!

*Go through the kids books and donate the books we no longer want to kids in need.

*Make old-fashioned caramel popcorn and watch another Christmas movie!

*Have a family worship night to celebrate Jesus' birthday! Enjoy a birthday cupcake also!

*Go to the snow today!

*Create handprint in plaster Christmas trees!

*Write another two more letters tonight to the other family members that you didn't write to before. Tell them how much you love them and WHY you love them. Tell them what you like about them. Pray a prayer of thankfulness together.

*Dance and sing to Christmas music!

I can't wait to get started on our celebration nights! I hope you can incorporate this into your home life!

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