Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A garden we will grow..

I know, I know... we're heading into Winter, so why am I thinking about and researching growing a vegetable garden in November?? Shouldn't I be more focused on the more immediate? On, say, Thanksgiving??
Well, for starters I'm neurotic. And a planner. I'm a neurotic planner and I know that vegetables have seasons. And in order for those lovely vegetables to be ripe and "in season", I must start my planning BEFORE the "in season" arrives. Are you following me?!

I'll admit I'm clueless when it comes to starting a garden, particularly the kind that I'm wanting to create. I mean, there is pest management; soil issues; disease; seasons in which to plant; seasons in which to pick... there's a season for everything! With the prices of organic fruits and veggies creeping up, though, this will be an excellent way to eat healthfully while watching the budget. Did I mention my garden will be organic to boot?!
So, journey along with me as I learn the ins and outs of growing my own organic fruits and veggies for my family!

First, we must start with a firm foundation of knowledge. So, I'm rotate reading(what I call my odd phenomena of not being able to read one book at a time) through 3 books on how to grow my own veggies and fruits (and when). Here's what I'm reading:

1)Organic Crops in Pots: How to Grow Your Own Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs (Green Home)
2) The Organic Garden (A practical guide to natural gardens, from planning and planting to harvesting and maintenance)
3) The Kitchen Garden: Simple Projects For The Weekend Gardener

I'm HIGHLY impressed with The Kitchen Garden so far. It blends growing fruits and veggies with a beautiful garden and each idea includes a blueprint on how to execute the idea. It even teaches how to train an apple tree to grow as a hedge!

The first step, though, is deciding WHAT to grow. I'll post my list tomorrow. Based on these three books, I am learning that space (or lack of it) doesn't have to be a limitation. So, I'm not going to start with WHERE to grow because then my space defines my crops. No, I want my crops to define my space. Even if it is in suburbia.

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