Monday, August 30, 2010

I borrowed a wonderful idea...

One of my favorite blogs is Impress Your Kids! I highly recommend this blog for oh-so-worthy-of-our-time activities to do with our kids to instill bible verses in their hearts!

So, a few weeks back, while perusing this blog, I saw an adorable idea that I knew I wanted to copy!

In the boys' old rooms, in our old house, I stenciled a Bible verse on each of their walls. In Sharpie.

I'll wait while you catch your breath.

After about, oh, 7-8 coats of paint, one could barely make out the sleepy-time blessing! Lesson learned, folks! No sharpie on the walls for us anymore. Particularly rental home walls! Eh-hem!

When we bought our house 2 years ago, I was determined to create a vinyl version of the verses they would like on their walls. Easier on the walls and budget, you know!

So, when I saw Amanda's idea for a canvas art project with their favorite saying from the "Jesus Storybook Bible", I knew this would be the perfect way to accomplish what we wanted!

I started with my oldest's favorite verse because he has loved this verse for a long time and instantly jumped on this idea!

I started with a blank canvas (obviously)...

Then, I whipped out my handy-dandy Cricut Expression and went to work cutting letters out on clear contact paper.

Once the letters were cut out and placed on the canvas, J. went to town painting with the colors he had chosen at the craft store!

Now for the fun part! Once dry, you get to pull off each letter! Kind of fun and therapeutic (don't judge me).

And the finished result? Unique, personalized wall decor that speaks to my son's heart because it is his favorite verse! It is there to remind him, in good times and bad, not to be fearful and to rely on God to get him through!

Thanks, Amanda at for this awesome idea!! I'll post when my other son does his canvas project! Of course, that is once he decides on a Bible verse!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Goodbye, 35...

So, today marks the first day of being 26.. ah hem, I mean 36. I closed the chapter on my 35th year of life and begin with eager anticipation of what my 36th year might hold!

With the closure of my 35th year, my 35 book challenge to myself ended as well. 35 books in a year, from Aug. 8, 2010 to Aug. 8, 2011. This may not be a big deal for some as they may read this many, or more, books in any given year but for me, over the last few years, I was lucky to finish 2-3 books. This made me sad. I have always enjoyed reading. Heck, my degree is in English with an emphasis in literature. I enjoy a good story, folks. However, with kids, and kids' activities and home responsibilities, volunteer responsibilities and, well, life... I found less and less time to read the books that I had been wanting to read. I had collected more books on my shelves than I had read. For shame.

Thus, my challenge last year. I am proud to say that while I did not meet the 35 book goal, I did make the 29th book goal. I was 6 short of the goal. This goal, while not completely met, has challenged me to continue on. To read as many, or more in the upcoming year. The books I read over this last year have been informative, challenging, thought-provoking and, at times, life changing. Who wouldn't want to add some more of that to their lives?!

With that, I reveal my reading wish list for the upcoming year. Perhaps you'll be encouraged to read along with me!


* Rebecca
* The Good Earth
* This Book Will Save Your Life
* Pillars of the Earth (didn't get to this last year)
* The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
* Johnny Tremain
* Mysterious Benedict Society

* What He Must Be... if He Wants to Marry my Daughter (reading to gain insight for my boys)
* Parenting the Way God Parents
* Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right
* Strong Willed Child
* Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
* Faith Training
* The Mission of Motherhood
* Say Goodbye to Whining
* Life Skills for Kids: Equipping Your Kids For the Real World

Family books
* The Well-Versed Family
* Amazing Adventures, Creative Connections, Daring Deeds
* The Case for Family Worship
* Five Signs of a Loving Family
* Heaven at Home: Establishing and Enjoying a Peaceful Home

* The Inflammation Syndrome
* Stop Inflammation Now
* Healthy Heart Miracle
* The Metabolic Plan
* Don't Eat This Book

** Actual books read may change on a whim from this scheduled list due to mood, interest, personal application, etc. ;)

Sheri's Daybook

Outside my window...
the birds are chirping and we're watching our dog race back and forth through the yard

I'm thinking:
I need to get more lesson plans done today

I'm reading:

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
(and starting my new year of reading challenge). I LOVED this book when I read it in middle school/early high school!

I'm listening to:

the boys giggling over breakfast. I'm not sure what's so funny about breakfast but they are having a great time giggling!

I'm thankful for:

Chris. He is an amazing husband and friend! I'm so glad I get to do life with him!

I'm cooking:

Quite possibly Baked Potatoes or Chicken and potatoes... whatever I do it has to involve potatoes because I bought the BIG bags at Costco and need to use them!

From the school room

the faint pleas of organization are calling my name!

I'm creatiing:

a master plan for our school year right now

I'm hoping:

to try a modified version of the workbox system in our school this year. We don't have the space for the traditional system, so I'm creating my own. We'll see how it goes!

I'm going:
NOWHERE today! I've got to get some more plans in place! Tonight, we're going to Union Gospel Mission with the youth group!

One of my favorite things is...

spending time with my boys. I love them so much!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

planning for school when it starts next week, planning for SEEDS and organizing the school room!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010-2011 Homeschool Curriculum

There's nothing like making something 'official' than by putting it in writing (and post it for 2 people to read - lol!) :)

Curriculum/School Plan for 2010-2011

Foreign Language: Spanish (both boys, through co-op)

Math: Teaching Textbooks Josh - 5/6th; Jake - 3rd

History: World - Mystery of History (review and finish the remaining parts of book)

U.S. - Story of US, supplemented with History Pockets, biographies, U.S. States study and Presidents study

Fort Ross study - co-op class in preparation for field trip

Science: Apologia Science - Zoology - Swimming Creatures of the fifth day

Music: Piano lessons - 1x/week (plus practice)

Art: Art History, Art projects through Science and History

Spelling: Spelling Power

Writing: Institute for Excellence in Writing DVDs

Grammar: Shurley English
English from the Roots Up, vol. 1 (Latin and Greek roots to be added to spelling lists)

Reading: various age-appropriate classics for grade level with study guides

Logic: Fallacy Detective (Josh)
Safari Logic, Book 1 (Jake)

Weekly activities:
Cub/Boy Scouts
SEEDS Bible nights
Family nights
Swim team (in Spring; winter session - possibly)