Monday, January 14, 2013

My One Little Word for 2013

Even though the word was upon my lips and tugging at my heart for weeks, I resisted.  It seemed too glib; too overused.  Yet, it stayed, pressing into my brain as the days drew closer to January 1.   This is meant to be my theme for 2013.  Within this word contains untold lessons that God is wanting to teach me.  I am ready, Lord.


That is my one little word for 2013. I breathe lighter when I whisper it.  That is how I know it is right.  It resonates within and I know simplifying, as simple as it sounds, isn't so much for me.

The other word that came to me was Be.  However, for me, for  this year, Be, is encompassed in Simplify.

I'm being called to simplify my life. All of it. All.

My schedule.

My cabinets and drawers.

My school supplies.

My activities and commitments.

My relationships.

My past.

My future.

My present.

I am being called to Be present, in the moment of motherhood; in my responsibilities at home and with my family. I can only Be present when life has simplified.  When technology and emails, demands and commitments have all been examined and  put in their proper context;  When my drawers and closets and garage no longer scream at me every time I open them;  When I no longer have to clammer over the piles of unresolved junk in my physical, emotional and spiritual life.  When these areas are approached with simplicity, I can Be with Him.




Most Definitely!

What is your one little word for 2013?

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