Thursday, January 24, 2013

Book review: Live Second

Prior to reviewing the devotional book, "Live Second"; 365 to Make Jesus First", I had never heard of this "movement" which many have associated themselves.  I was intrigued by this extra subtitle, "an I Am Second daily reader".  Although leery at the thought of reviewing a devotional, I am so glad I was able to review this one!  to start with, I am impressed with its organization and layout.  It's structure is a weekly theme, broken out over the days of the week, throughout the whole year.  i enjoyed seeing the upcoming topics as well as the unity of its purpose.  However, I am most impressed with its delivery and message.

This devotional is for those daring to live second and let Jesus be first.  The topics covered are vast yet not too broad to have a scattered feel.  They are each week's theme and each day's devotion challenges us and encourages us to live putting our wants and desires second (or even third or fourth).    This is a huge departure from today's culture that encourages looking out for me only.

The "Live Second" devotional is written to anyone, regardless of where you are on your faith journey or even if you don't have a relationship with Jesus as well.  I admired this statement at the beginning of the book,

"This book is for anyone looking to discover meaning in life, your mission on this planet, or the cure to life’s difficulties. You do not need to believe in Jesus to start this journey, but I think you will be challenged by his message before you trek too far. I believe the power of his love, the vastness of his forgiveness, and the strength of his presence will inspire you to rethink your relationship with God.”

I received the Kindle version of this devotional for review and it included links to videos of those part of  "Live Second" at the start of each week.  That was a nice bonus!

I would highly recommend this devotional to anyone looking to be challenged in living your life differently than how you currently are and for those seeking to live out the idea of " More of Him, Less of Me".

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