Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where the intolerance lies...

I'm sorry.  I can't do it.  I've zipped my lips, bit my tongue and buttoned up for far too long but all of this bruhaha... well, I find I can no longer keep silent.

Here are the facts as I've read them:

* Chic fil a donates money to various organizations that promote the Biblical definition of marriage (one man, one woman for life)

* Dan Cathy, upon being asked by a Christian reporter his views of marriage, states plainly that he believes in the "biblical definition of marriage".  He further states that he feels that society should be careful in trying to redefine marriage in a differing way then God, implying that we know better than He does.

* Various LGBT groups call for a boycott of Chic fil a upon the discovery of donations being made to support the definition of Biblical marriage

* Several actors and politicians proclaim their disdain for Chic fil a and vow to not eat nor allow them into their cities (which the latter is illegal, discriminatory and INTOLERANT)

* Mike Huckabee calls for an appreciation day on August 1st to support Chic fil a for all those who support Dan Cathy and his bravery in speaking openly about his opinion.  For those who believe that marriage, as Christ proclaimed it, a religious ceremony between one man and one woman, a call to show our thanks and support and counteract any negative boycott affects

* LGBT groups called for "infiltration" of Chic fil a to "make them (LGBT) hangouts"; protest outside their buildings; become a nuisance to Chic fil a until they stop giving money to opposing organizations.  Further, they've called for the LGBT community to stage a "Kiss in" on Friday (tomorrow), calling for kissing and making out in and outside Chic fil a establishments, as a way to counteract Wednesday's "Appreciation Day"

Here are my thoughts:

1)  Believing that marriage should be only between a man and a woman DOES NOT CONSTITUTE HATRED OR BIGOTRY!!!  Just because I  hold a differing opinion, does NOT mean that I am a "hater".  Nor does it mean I'm ignorant, bigoted, or any other name you want to call me.  It simply means that I hold a DIFFERING OPINION from you.

I found Dan Cathy's statement to be respectful and positive.  Not once did he say anything that was "anti-gay".  Only the LGBT community labeled it so -
 "Anti-gay philosophy"?  Try - an opinion that doesn't agree with yours.  Or, Pro-traditional family?  It's all on how you spin it.  He believes marriage is not for anyone other than one man and one woman.

2)  I, as the consumer, do not get to dictate how a company chooses to donate or use their money, once I've handed it over to them.  Period.  The only thing I can control is if I give it to them in the first place.  So, if you don't like where they use their money on the back-end, don't give your money to them on the front end.  Simple as that.  You don't get to bully, boycott or otherwise, tantrum for how they designate their money AFTER you've handed it over.  Period.
Yet, the LGBT community can "give thanks" to those who support their cause without expecting any sort of incident.  Notice the last line of the first paragraph - " an effort to give thanks to Starbucks for supporting marriage equality".  So, it's fine for  the LGBT community to stage Appreciation days, just not others.  Got it.

3) The maturity that has been displayed in this sandbox tantrum is truly eye-opening.  Much like dealing with a tantruming toddler who isn't getting their way, so acts those who would try to protest an "Appreciation day".   Come on.  Really?!  This Chic fil a employee below had more tact and respect and TOLERANCE than this guy had in his little pinky.  Grow up.  The biggest sign of immaturity is not being able to cope with a differing opinion.

UPDATE: This person was fired from his job yesterday for his poor behavior in this video.

4) Amazon donated $2.5 million dollars last week to help pass the same sex marriage law in Washington state.

Where are the "haters" and "intolerant", right-winged bigots?  Where are the protest signs?  Where is the boycott of Amazon?  Where is the Twitter and Facebook comments calling for the pressure to be put on Amazon (or Starbucks or Microsoft... to name a few) until they change their stance?

I guess there wasn't a huge bruhaha made because people with DIFFERING OPINIONS than Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates believe in the 1st amendent still and, disagree as we may, still have the right to hold an opinion that differs from mine.  And I don't have to launch a protest or boycott to make that known.

I'm getting pretty sick and tired of hearing those in support of same-sex marriage call me and fellow traditional marriage opinion holders "bigots", "ignorant", "haters" and... wait for it... "intolerant".  Really?  Shall we review the definition of "intolerant" because I'm seeing a whole lot of it against those who happen to believe the Biblical definition of marriage.  I'm seeing a whole lot of intolerance launched at Chic fil a, NOT because he made a negative comment against the LGBT community, (in fact, he never speaks of any group, organization or lifestyle),but that he stated his opinion, like mine, is that marriage, defined by God, is between a man and a woman.  THAT'S NOT HATE.  That's a DIFFERING OPINION.

I don't jump down your throat when you express your thoughts on same-sex marriage.  Nor do I look at you as though you've grown a third eye.  I don't shun you and I certainly don't call you names.  I happen to hold a differing opinion than yours.  Civilly.  Respectfully.  Humbly.  Many who've known me for years know that I rarely speak about political and cultural issues (unless you count pop culture, then I speak about that).

I simply believe that marriage is sacred.  Sure, I agree with those who scoff at this.  Has marriage been made a mockery over the past decades?  Yep.  By Christians and non-Christians alike?  Yep.  Yet, that doesn't change the position of marriage just because broken humans messed it up.  To God, it is still sacred.

Jesus described marriage between a man and woman as His relationship to the church.  It is a sacred unification. For those who take God's word and try to apply it to their life, it is very, very serious.
Just as a Ramadan is a sacred ceremony and tradition for the Muslim community, so too is (or should be for those entering it) marriage for a Christian couple.

Let's face reality... the rite of marriage is exclusionary. It always has been.  Laws prevent more than one person from being married to others at the same time.  Exclusion.  Laws further exclude marriage of certain ages, between certain ages.  Exclusion, right there. What about family members?  There are laws forbidding siblings, 1st cousins, etc. from entering into marriage as well.   It is because marriage was designed to be between ONE man and ONE woman. And if we add on a zinger that might make some squirm - marriage between that one woman and man is supposed to be FOR LIFE.  Those are Jesus' words.   That is not my rule. It's God's.  He set it up that way.

So, where are the Polygamists trampling down the door for equality in marriage??  Where are the old men wanting to marry that 13 year old??  Where are the two 12 year olds who are convinced they have found their soul mate??  They have been excluded from the ceremony of marriage also.  It is because marriage was created and set up with clear boundaries (found all throughout the Bible).  (I'm NOT talking a civil union, recognized by the state here either.  I'm talking about the sacred act of marriage). Because some don't agree with those boundaries, we then must do away with them.  I suppose because one community doesn't have a sacred tradition, none of us can.  I suppose to hold a differing opinion nowadays is considered hatred.  To hold to a belief that one believes to be true is cause for name calling, and a whole bunch of label slapping.   So, I hold a differing opinion than you.  Does that actually make me a "hater"?  Or intolerant?  Or a bigot?  Because I disagree with you?  That's sad.   And intolerant.

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