Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I made it...

Yes, sirree!  I survived a week without the boys.  Sure, I missed them. I wondered what they were doing, how they were behaving, what they were learning.  I even hoped they were having fun!  Knowing they were in capable hands, I enjoyed my time to refresh and clear my brain!  Sadly, I had two (yes, two!) dental appointments that week but all in all, a great week!

The boys came home a little sun-burned (ok, one, a lot burned) and bubbling over with stories and funny happenings to tell.  They deepened friendships, developed new ones and added a new layer of spiritual maturity to their demeanor.  The Biblical truths each walked away from camp with were awesome.

I missed my boys but enjoyed time with my beloved, time to myself and time to catch up!

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