Friday, August 10, 2012

2012-2013 Curriculum plans for 5th grade

We are entering into our 5th year of homeschooling and I can't believe it!  What once was never, ever on our radar has become a fixture in our life.  My husband, ever-so supportive, has been a huge cheerleader and champion of our homeschooling journey, despite being the biggest skeptic of them all in the beginning!

Hearts have been changed (praise God), knuckles have re-gained their pinkish color and no longer white, and relationships have been strengthened.  With each passing year, God reminds us that our job isn't academic so much as spiritual.  This is not to say we don't have high goals in the area of academics but they are not the end result that we are focused on when we wrap up our homeschooling journey!

Curriculum choosing and lesson planning always bring a mixture of excitement and information overload for me!  This year was no different but we've settled on our plan for this upcoming school year.

5th Grade

Curriculum spine:  Trail Guide to Learning's Path of Exploration complete curriculum -

We are very excited to be using this curriculum this year!  Having flipped through the lesson plans, we can't wait to get started!  Check back for more posts, updating as we go along and move into the curriculum!

 (please note: the supplemental items below are of MY choosing; not because I felt POE was lacking but because they meet the needs of my own child and our schedule best).

Math:  Math Mammoth  -
Easy. Well-laid out. Helpful to both parents and students!

Learn Christ curriculum.   After attending our state homeschool conference and listening to the creators of this curriculum, I knew I had to implement this!

We are also still working through this curriculum from last year - a chronological study of the books and people of the Bible.  If it is too much, we will put this on the backburner to work on Learn Christ curriculum first.

Science supplements: 
Truth in Science -
We'll be finishing up this curriculum from last year as we work through the nature studies POE provides.  I highly recommend this little known, excellent curriculum!

The Story Book of Science read-aloud  -

Additional Language Arts resources:

Just Write workbooks to introduce the formal writing process in bite sized chunks.   We will be working through Books 1 and 2 this school year.

English from the Roots Up is something we started a few years ago and let fall due to illness, crazy schedule.. well, just life!  The boys enjoyed it and retained the roots well and because I'll have an 8th grader this year, I knew I needed to insert this gem back into our school days.

Thanks to  Cynce's Place - - all the planning and prep has been done for me!  I printed out her schedule, tests and games and we are ready to go!

We are BIG readers around here! My 5th grader... not as much, so I want to add some fun tales to peak his interest more.  In addition to the wonderful historical fiction my 5th grader will be reading through POE, I'll be adding these classics to the line-up:

We'll be doing some delight-directed unit studies here and there throughout the year as well but this is it in a nutshell!  As always, things can change as we get into the meat of this plan!

Stay tuned for my post on our curriculum plan for our 8th grader!

Join me in seeing what others are doing for their curriculum this year over at


  1. We love Homer Price here! It was fun seeing your list, some of it was new to me. Have a great year!

    Inchworm Chronicles

    1. Thanks for visiting, Eve! You know, somehow I missed reading Homer Price as a kid and missed reading it with my oldest, so I'm excited to experience this well-loved story with him!