Friday, May 25, 2012

For The Love of Learning...

School hasn't wrapped up around these parts.  We are still chugging along and will be until June 22.  A gauntlet has been thrown, however, and I've challenged my boys to diligently work to be finished by June 14.  They liked the thrill of that challenge, so we'll see how it goes!

Even though we've set a date to end our formal schooling, we all know that the learning never really stops.  The beauty of learning is that it just keeps going.  There will be "field trips" (shh, don't call them that during summer!) and even an "extended field trip" to Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Mt. Rushmore.

There will be books read as we have always done a "Summer Reading Challenge", even when they were in public school.

We will visit museums, new cities around Northern and Central California and learn culture, history, social etiquette and exploration.

We will go camping which brings lots of interest in the area of Science.  Each kiddo will keep a journal of our extended field trip or vacation where daily writing will occur (that's the plan, anyway).

 Then, we have life skills and service to others.  Summer home projects that they will help with and learn a new skill; helping at VBS and other service projects for the summer have been planned.  Even, spiritual growth will occur - each will still be working through our Bible curriculum over the summer in addition to reading for their quiet times.  Each will be attending church summer camps that will surely challenge them to grow their faith.

Homeschooling as a lifestyle becomes so easy when you take education off its leash and let it roam freely.  When it's not forced, a love of learning develops and becomes a daily part or life.

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