Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: March 3 -6 and field trip Friday!

We had a full week last week! So much so, that I'm just finally getting around to posting all that we took part in!

We are plugging along in math and I've been exploring a few options for online math drills besides what we already have which is IXL
I came upon a math site that, so far, I'm really digging! It's called dreambox . We are currently using the 14 day trial to give it a whirl before purchasing. If interested, Homeschool Buyers Co-op has it on sale until 3/31 for a SPECTACULAR discount!

Saturday, the 3rd we had friends over for dinner and owl dissecting! Sounds fun, huh?
My friend found an awesome printable online of an owl pellet chart and we used that as our guide for when we found tiny bones in the pellets.

If you are unfamiliar with owl pellets, they aren't poop, as some believe, but really Owl hairballs. Owls do not have teeth to chew, so they swallow their meal whole and digest the meat. All other materials - fur, bones, seeds - are indigestable and so regurgitated back up in these nice, tight fur balls. Within the fur balls, contain different bones. It's pretty fascinating really!

Monday saw us slow down significantly in school in order to tame the excess beast. We collected a HUGE pile, which I affectionately called "Ruthless Purge, part 1". This pile went to our church's rummage sale and proceeds helped the cost of sending a group of people to go build two homes in Mexico in a couple of weeks!

This pile grew to about 2 to 3 times this size by the end of the week.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw us with a horrible bout of seasonal allergies which slowed us down greatly.

We finished the Read-aloud, "The Hunger Games" and my oldest went on to read the trilogy within the week. Josh and I had an excellent discussion about the series (which I had read in three days the week before) including thinking through critically the belief systems within Panem as well as within each character. Deep thoughts came out of that! Good stuff! If you are unsure about whether you should read this book or have your kids read it, go here: Redeemed Reader for an excellent review!

We are still working through "By The Great Horn Spoon", our other read aloud!

Friday was our field trip day with our co-op and it was a blast! It was a long day but so cool!

First, we had a school lesson in the Old Schoolhouse in Old Sacramento.

Each student got to ring the school bell on the top of the building as we left.

Then, we walked over to the Wells Fargo building, where the Pony Express stop was for Wells Fargo bank and had a great history lesson there as well as given lots of opportunity for hands on learning!
We met outside at first and moved in. Our group numbered close to 35 which made for super tight quarters! Those stairs, behind the guide, led to California's first Supreme Court!

A drawing of Old Sacramento during the Gold Rush

This is a model-size replica of a Wells Fargo stagecoach. Did you know that they fit 20 people in these things?!?! Ugh! Talk about a rough ride!! Did you ALSO know that the shout-out "shotgun", when someone wants to ride in the passenger seat comes from our stagecoach days. The guy who rode next to the driver was the guy carrying the shot gun and protecting the loot that was placed under his seat, near his feet!

And this... this is Black Bart... famous in Sacramento and all the gold rush hills surrounding Sacramento. Wells Fargo history would not be complete without mentioning Black Bart!

We had gorgeous weather and about 1.5 hours for lunch, so we picnicked in the middle of Old Sac in a green, grassy field and let the kids run and play and hang out while the moms got to chat and catch-up.

Finally, with our group dwindled, the remaining 20 braved the Underground tour of Old Sacramento and I have to say, it was AWESOME! We had an excellent tour guide and learned SO much! Because Old Sac was built right next to the river, it would be flooded every year, until they created our levee system. They also raised the town 9.5 feet up from it's original spot! So, we got to see old buildings, archeology digs, interesting findings, etc. under Old Sac! Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any pictures under there due to private property laws or something. Too bad because they had some great pictures of people rowing down J st. back in 1860!! So, all we got was this group picture before entering the doors behind them and going underground!

It was an awesome day learning with friends!

Josh and Jake in front of the Pony Express memorial

Saturday brought a watercolor lesson for me, rummage sale at our church for Chris and the boys, a stun gun purchase, and the Rock and Worship Road Show!!!
We saw Sidewalk Prophets, Rend Collective, LeCrae, Disciple, Tenth Avenue North, and Mercy Me.

I LOVE Tenth Avenue North so I was most looking forward to seeing them and they did not disappoint! What amazing truth was spoken by that band, in song and word. At one point, the lead singer, went into the crowd and ended up two rows down from us! Mercy Me was also amazing, as usual! Bart did a talk and then they performed and it was moving and challenging. We walked away with a renewed spirit and a song (or two or more) in our heart! We also walked away with a new band that we Chris and I love - Rend Collective! Awesome, God honoring band! We had an incredible time! Check and see if the Rock and Worship Road Show is coming near you! If so, DON'T MISS IT!

I hope you had a great week too!

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  1. Hi Sheri - that looks like a wonderful field trip! I love ringing the school bell :-)

    Thank you for linking. Generally people do have a photo collage of sorts and link back to the original Collage Froday post ... but I am just happy you took the time to visit and comment.

    What a full week you had!


  2. nice field trip! We have done the owl pellets before, totally fascinating!! Thanks for sharing at FTF!

  3. Hi Mary,
    Thanks! I'll try my hand at collage-ing our week in review pictures soon! Thanks for hosting the link party! It's a wonderful way to see what creative approaches others are taking in their school!


  4. Hi Jen,
    Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised by the owl pellets!