Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pride, Prejudice and Purging...

I may or may not look like a crazy Californian. I may or may not look like a crazy Christian. I may or may not look like someone playing with all of their marbles. I mean, really? First I'm talking about unplugging the t.v. and walking away... what's next?? Facebook??? Food??? Commune living?? Aren't those things un-American? Sacrilegious??

God is calling for more discipline in my life, so that my time with my family, friends and on this earth is more meaningful. Yes, I get the irony of my blog title.

Here are the areas of my "6" (I wasn't convicted of a seventh area, sorry! That might come later.. haha!) that I need to focus on. These are areas I need to decrease consumption of and establish guardrails and discipline... (these are listed in no particular order):

* Stuff
* Media
* Food
* Approval
* Finances
* Negative Thoughts/Stress

I am starting with stuff and, well, media. I guess in many ways I'm starting with them all in small steps but making big steps in one or two areas at a time.

On the first day I began purging of excess, I discovered I had 9 purses! 9! Um.. for those that know me, you have seen me carry the EXACT. SAME. PURSE. for the past 4 years or so (until recently when I changed it out). Seriously? ME? 9? I'm not an accessory kind of girl or even into clothes, so I was surprised that I had 9 purses in my possession! So, I kept 3 and gave the rest away!

I also purged us of 15 cookbooks. I love to bake. I love to cook... And I am the first to admit I have way too many cookbooks. So, round one began with this area of our house and I'll be doing round 2 by the end of next week! I need to take a harder look at the ones I have kept (which is still WAY too many) and get rid of the rest.

We purged video games, books, movies, and all kinds of other random items BUT we still have a lot more to go! One area I need to desperately purge is our homeschool supplies! Oy Vey! That will be in round 2!

It felt so good to be rid of so much stuff that had stolen my time (to maintain or move around when not in use), money and thoughts!

I'm beginning to like this purging thing!

Next up, more media purging!

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