Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010-2011 Homeschool Curriculum

There's nothing like making something 'official' than by putting it in writing (and post it for 2 people to read - lol!) :)

Curriculum/School Plan for 2010-2011

Foreign Language: Spanish (both boys, through co-op)

Math: Teaching Textbooks Josh - 5/6th; Jake - 3rd

History: World - Mystery of History (review and finish the remaining parts of book)

U.S. - Story of US, supplemented with History Pockets, biographies, U.S. States study and Presidents study

Fort Ross study - co-op class in preparation for field trip

Science: Apologia Science - Zoology - Swimming Creatures of the fifth day

Music: Piano lessons - 1x/week (plus practice)

Art: Art History, Art projects through Science and History

Spelling: Spelling Power

Writing: Institute for Excellence in Writing DVDs

Grammar: Shurley English
English from the Roots Up, vol. 1 (Latin and Greek roots to be added to spelling lists)

Reading: various age-appropriate classics for grade level with study guides

Logic: Fallacy Detective (Josh)
Safari Logic, Book 1 (Jake)

Weekly activities:
Cub/Boy Scouts
SEEDS Bible nights
Family nights
Swim team (in Spring; winter session - possibly)

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