Sunday, July 25, 2010

Breathing new life into our Family Nights...

With the very packed schedule that we, willingly, took on in the Spring, our family nights have been non-existent, sadly. Our boys beg for our family nights when we get off schedule which is heart-warming because it means they are meeting a need within them of building family unity and community. Yet, there are seasons in the year that our schedule shifts and family nights become a lower priority. I wish it weren't true but that is our reality. I would like to change this, though, and make it a consistent priority in our lives. After all, we've only got the boys for a little bit longer before they branch out into the world and start their own families.

As I work on a new program for our church, that emphasizes family nights, I'm revamping our family nights that will be starting in August. I'm pretty excited about the possibilities and the organizational ideas I am getting just by lurking around the internet!

I'll post some pictures and my plan once I've pulled it all together!

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