Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: March 26-30

This was a great week for learning!  We did some hands-on activities that we really enjoyed and (I hope) made the lesson more memorable for the boys!

Jake is working through the pioneer portion of California History which tied in perfectly with our co-op's Pioneer Day this week!  There was so much to learn about this short era in time!  In preparation for our Pioneer potluck, Jake made baking soda biscuits. He did a great job!

He used both a mason jar and an actual biscuit cutter.  He also made the followed the recipe and did each step!

Some of our co-op friends got dressed up for our Pioneer Day and that made it extra fun!  We learned about the first missionaries (as well as first recorded woman) to the West, Narcissa Whitman as well as the Donner Party.  Another mom led the group in making covered wagons as well as working as a group to estimate how many items a family could take in a wagon.  We also learned that wagons were typically painted blue or red with blue or red wheels, not the typical brown we always see (although, I'm sure there were wagons of that color too).

In science, we learned about our blood and the different components of it.  Here was our hands-on diagram of it: the clear corn syrup is our plasma, the red hots are our red blood cells, the white sprinkles are our white blood cells and the white jelly bean.. hmm.. I can't remember that one!  LOL!  Ah well!  It was a great lesson!

To wrap up this unit on blood, we each took a blood typing "test"!  That was really interesting!  The boys were crazy about being pricked in the finger, especially Jake, but they survived and enjoyed learning about their own blood type!

As we went into Easter break, we wrapped up our Grapevine study of the Resurrection.  This was our first time using one of their studies and we really enjoyed it!  In depth learning while drawing stick figures to help focus.  Great stuff!

We had a lot of rain that week and while visiting my brother and nephew, we caught this double rainbow and had to pull over to take pictures.  We weren't the only car that did so either!  It was so beautiful!

This was a great week for us!

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