Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: January 30- February 2

This week started strong but by Tuesday afternoon, Jake was running a high fever and none of us were feeling it in the school department. We did manage to get our Nutrition science experiment in with Dad at the lead as well as some other learning.

Josh stayed on target, after all, he wasn't the one who was sick. He finished the week with all assignments completed and on track. It's hard to convince the oldest that HE still needs to do school work while the younger one cuddles on the couch reading, resting, and feeling yucky. I must admit, it's hard to resist the urge to join in on the cuddling and just call it a day!

No one feels like reading or trying to retain information when they have a fever and battling head congestion! So, each afternoon, Josh and I joined Jake on the couch and learned via documentaries, thanks to Netflix streaming! We learned about Mt. Everest, Denali National park in Alaska, hidden secrets of several U.S. monuments, how the states got their shapes, the lost ships of Rome, the history of cornflakes and the Kellogg brothers, and one that only Josh and I watched, "Bhutto".
(We had a whole week of sickness, folks. The poor kid still isn't over it). :)

"Bhutto" is about the rise and death of Benazir Bhutto and it was a fascinating look at the power struggle that is going on in Pakistan. This documentary is highly recommended. It was frustrating, enlightening, moving and troubling, all at the same time. It resonated with me for days and it was an excellent conversation starter with Josh regarding history and struggles of Pakistan. I do not recommend this documentary for anyone under 12. It is definitely a case by case basis of the maturity, understanding level and awareness your child displays. It is also graphic at times, showing footage after bombings or other killings occurred.

Normally, when we watch a documentary or educational movie, I have the boys fill this out.

This may look like busy work (and to some it may be) but it has one purpose - to help one of my children (who shall remain nameless) focus. You see, when the t.v. comes on, no matter what, this particular son goes into the 'zone', especially when it's 'educational'. He isn't present during the film and couldn't tell you a thing that he learned. Because I want what we do to be purposeful, he needs some guidance in this area. Thus, the 'fact finding' sheet! He is now engaged in anything we watch for school and it has become a game to him! He's listening and looking for facts and now, at the end, can discuss what he's learned about that topic. Yay!

Chris got in on the action of science experiments (I usually schedule them with him and the boys; it gets him involved in teaching and gives me a night off to do something I want to do). So, here they are experimenting with which fruits and vegetables provide the most Vitamin C. They made an indicator, used iodine and extracted juices from a lime, tomato, orange, and lemon. The filled out their hypothesis sheet and notated their procedure steps as well as the conclusion. I LOVE Apologia!

Jake finished up studying the state of Vermont for the Trail Guide to U.S. History curriculum. We began our study of Connecticut, which should end our unit on the New England states. He's moving along in our California State History curriculum too!
He mapped out the major rivers, capitol, and highest mountain in Connecticut.

This is on Monday, when he felt well! Poor kid!

Josh is learning about the Ancient History in Asia and the Middle East. So in addition to finishing up his reading of "The Children's Homer", I added "The Trojan War", as well as a library book on "Muhammed of Mecca: The Prophet of Islam" to his readings. He is almost finished with Muhammed even though we added it this week as well as "The Children's Homer".

We had a lighter week of learning this week while nursing one back to health while trying to keep it away from everyone else. Yet, learning still occurred! It's weeks like this that teach me to roll with the punches and enjoy my time with the boys!

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