Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: January 23-27

This week was a great school week! We stayed on task (for the most part) and accomplished all that was scheduled to complete! Weeks like this feel good!

We fell behind in Jake's science over the fall but are quickly catching up... and enjoying what we're learning! He is in Step 3 of his Truth in Science curriculum. Have you heard of this curriculum? We LOVE it! It's an excellent presentation of the two opposing worldviews - Christian and Secular/Humanist and how both approach a scientific study with two very different outcomes. While they weave that in, they are also teaching science! I love that it is taught from a Biblical worldview but that also teaches from an evolutionary one - and points out the flaws in the theory. Each "step" (there are 12), requires the student to create a visual and oral presentation on a topic that is assigned at the very beginning.

Part of our hands-on activity in Step 3 is to plant some seeds and observe them growing. Luckily, I had on hand this "root viewer" that I bought awhile ago and had laying around!

We had to soak the soil disks in water overnight, first.

We planted carrot, radish, and onion seeds.

Look how tiny these radish seeds are!! Or were these the onion?? Hmm....

And now we wait...

We also resumed our Apologia Anatomy curriculum this week, after our Christmas break. We wrapped up our Nutrition lesson by discussing Vitamins and minerals.

Jake is still working on the state of Vermont. We hope to wrap that up next week and begin a new state!

Josh is working through his world history at a steady pace. He is currently reading "Children's Homer" and "The Mystery of the Roman Ransom".

Josh wrapped up his study of the world, in general, through the Trail Guide to World Geography curriculum and finished the unit with a wonderful hands-on 'old world map' project. He hand drew the map to be as accurate as possible. Colored and tore the edges and then we used some brewed tea to paint the paper, giving it that weathered, brown look.

We had a rainy day this week, which always makes me want to SLOW DOWN, cuddle up and not follow the plan! I'm happy to report I DID follow it, though, and we were finished early and was able to do a rainy day watercolor activity! So much fun! (Sorry they are sideways. I entered them correctly but blogger is turning them. Weird).
Jake's rainy day watercolor picture
Here's Josh's watercolor picture. He discovered he didn't like working with watercolors on this one and I discovered how much he NEEDS to work with this medium! It's his perfectionistic tendencies that got in the way and I need to address those.
My watercolor picture

We got this idea from a lovely little book put out by Usborne Books called "50 Rainy Day Activities".

The weather cleared up by Friday to meet a bunch of our co-op friends at the park for several hours of fun, sunshine and laughter! I love my co-op friends!

All in all, a good week. Fun week. A week filled with getting to know my sons better and looking for creative ways to teach them, build our relationship and grow as a family!

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