Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leading a life of simplicity

I don't believe there are words to describe the emotions I am feeling with my home, my organization,my schedule, my life. To put it mildy, I'm frustrated. Stressed even. I feel like my life, things and schedule is in control of me instead of the other way around. I long for the early days of my marriage when simplicity reigned. We may have been poor but our life was so less complicated. With that simplified life, we ate out less which made us healthier; we spent less, which made our home less cluttered and gave us more time because we weren't picking up, cleaning and maintaining things. We had most evenings and weekends free to spend time as a family or have friends over for dinner. More meals were made from scratch which meant we had a ton of opportunities to learn about good foods and how to cook with them. Life was just... well, less, full. And you know what they say, "Less is More".

Simplicity, though, doesn't occur with wishing. It doesn't occur naturally. It requires a proactive guarding of the calendar, bank account, and precious family time. We've had a whirlwind past two years with LOTS of changes. With those changes, we seemed to have lost our grasp on the simple life.

How do we gain it back? I supppose the process is a little different for each family but for us, it is going to start with 1) a strict budget and 2) a more predictable schedule and 3) guarding our calendar better. Adding the word "No" to our vocabulary could be our 4th step in this plan. But I think that is another blog!

So, Project Simplify begins ASAP! I am laying the plans for the changes that are acomin'~

Step 1: Simplify by getting rid of the excess. Read: Garage sales.

Step 2: Set up a budget that reflects our goals as a family and cuts out excess spending.

Step 3: Examine what we participate in and get rid of the excess.

Step 4: Create a predicatable routine and family schedule.

Step 5: Protect our calendar so that family time doesn't get bumped off.

Project Simplify begins today!

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