Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Food Revolution...revolting against the wrong side?

If you've been following Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, as I have, I'm sure you've seen the atrocities that they call food being served in school ca. It's disgusting! I was appalled at what USDA forces school districts to purchase and serve to our children.

What is more appalling, for me, is the backlash that has occurred against Jamie Oliver. He is bringing awareness and education to a better way of eating and he's condemned for it! Wouldn't the criticism be better aimed at USDA for forcing school districts to 1) purchase food that is unhealthy and over-processed and 2) providing so much red tape that a school who wants to change their food to fresh food that schools give up in defeat rather than fight on through the bureaucracy?

This is America! Our children shouldn't be fed the worst of the worst kind of food simply because an entire case of processed chicken nuggets costs them $3! America's health is spiraling out of control and we are teaching our children poor eating habits. I admire Oliver's persistence in changing how America eats and I hope more people listen to his advice.

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  1. I've watched it and you're right about the junk. I completely agree that it needs to change.

    It is amazing that in the end, what stands in his way is the USDA. Government at it's best! They are here to take care of us, no? It all comes down to money (and I am sure a good dose of politics and red tape to boot). It's cheaper to feed them crud so that's what they get. Then we wonder why we have a nation of diabetes and obesity. DUH!

    OK I do have to say this though. As much as I love his passion and his desire to change the machine, he was crossing the line when he got into the lunch bags. If a parent packs crud for their kid, it is not governments job (i.e. the school) to police it. The school can (and should!) fix the SCHOOL. But it is big brother/father govt to suggest that parents not be allowed to pack certain foods for their kids based on what the school (ie the govt) deems is acceptable. So NOT the job of the schools/teachers/admins! For Jamie to suggest that the schools not "allow" brown bags with "junk food" in them is crossing a line. I can just see the teachers having to sift through the kids bags and begin dividing out the "OK" and "Not OK" foods. Where do you draw the line?! And I won't even touch the "it's practically child abuse" line about one kids lunch. GRR.

    OK good to get that off my chest! LOL

    Overall, I agree with his agenda. I just think his passion needs to stay reigned in some (i.e. not cross the line into parental rights).