Sunday, September 1, 2013

Book Review: Downside Up

            The truth is rejection is a part of our life but it's not often that we are taught how to deal with it in a healthy way.  Enter "Downside Up: Transform Rejection Into Your Golden Opportunity.  Tracey Mitchell has given us a new, godly, perspective on dealing with rejection.  Too often when stung by rejection, we are frozen, locked in with the pain and never move passed this phase.  We insulate ourselves, keep people at arm's length and make a promise to our heart that we won't let anyone hurt us like that again.  Then, we become stuck.  Paralyzed by fear that someone may reject our idea, our suggestion, or worse, us.

Mitchell gives us strategies for a variety of scenarios and dealing with different personality types.  She gently reminds us of our worth in Christ but speaks to the practical in giving concrete action plans at the end of each chapter.

Some may think that Mitchell makes overcoming rejection too easy but she does not.  She acknowledges the deep pain it can cause but she challenges us to move beyond that to see the motivation we can gain from it.  Yes, her words are easy to read but the hard work comes from us: to change our perspective and mindset and to let go of the pain and negative thoughts we take on as truth.  A book will not do the work for you but she definitely lays a great action plan down.

I highly recommend this book for those struggling to overcome the pain of rejection and to move past it in thought and deed.

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