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We had the opportunity to use's site in exchange for honest feedback on this service.

To begin with, you have a parent section, with a separate log-in, that allows you to create lists, create assignments for each individual child, look over test results and even assign writing assignments.

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  • Premium Parent Toolbox

Creating and managing spelling lists is easy.  I didn't do it here but Spelling City allows you to create a list for each of your children.  You can see below that both of my boys' spelling lists are mixed together - they are "not in groups".   In the parent section, I can add, edit, delete, print spelling lists.  I can even decide if I'd like to make them public to to other users.  I also can import spelling lists to this database which is a lovely timesaver.

List Management

List Management is the place to create, edit, publish/unpublish and delete your saved and imported word lists. Premium Members have the added ability to group lists. Click here for more information.
Search Lists by Name
Create A New List | Create A New Group of Lists | Delete All Lists
NameGrade LevelPublished?What do you want to do?
List(s) Not in Groups
          5th GradeYesEdit | Play A Game | Print | Delete | Group
          8th GradeYesEdit | Play A Game | Print | Delete | Group
          8th GradeYesEdit | Play A Game | Print | Delete | Group
          5th GradeYesEdit | Play A Game | Print | Delete | Group
          8th GradeYesEdit | Play A Game | Print | Delete | Group

Students see the screen below when they log in to their individual section.

Sheri Joyce's Vocabulary and Spelling Online Resources

A message to my students and parents
Hi Guys!

Make sure you do spend at least 15 minutes playing some spelling and vocabulary games, so you are ready for your test on Friday! Do your best!

Vocabulary and Spelling Lists
List(s) Not in Groups
S-Test | V-Test | Teach | Games | Import
S-Test | V-Test | Teach | Games | Import
S-Test | V-Test | Teach | Games | Import
S-Test | V-Test | Teach | Games | Import
S-Test | V-Test | Teach | Games | Import
I'm able to create a unique message for them and if I had them in groups, they wouldn't have to dig through each other's lists to find their own.  My bad!

The "S-test" is their spelling test for that list and their "V-test" is their vocabulary test for that list.  

You can assign them lots of variations such as going through the "teach" portion before playing games or just play the games or use the online test for their practice test   and still carry out an in-person, verbal test as we do.

Overall, both my boys and I really enjoyed this site!  I had been wanting a way for both boys to get more practice time with their spelling/vocabulary words before testing them and this has provided a perfect solution!  

I was able to see an increase in familiarity with their words throughout the week because they had played word games that challenged them to remember proper spelling and the words' meanings.  

Both my 5th grader AND 8th grader consistently asked to do Spelling city, a first in our spelling/vocabulary teachings!  

This site definitely beats out the traditional, old school practice of writing the words three times or write each letter of the word in different colors.  While those activities provide a purpose, offers a 21st century way for kids to increase their vocabulary and more so in a way that engages and interests the child! offers a "free" membership to all who wish to use their site, however, I highly recommend the Premium membership.  For a family of up to five children, the cost is only $29.99 for the year!  That is an excellent deal for the return!

Notice the premium membership benefits vs. the free membership benefits below:
VocabularySpellingCity Premium Membership Features

Lastly, has a FREE app for your iPad or iPhone!  Free and Premium memberships can be accessed with this app and it is an extra perk of this site.  Now you can take your spelling/vocabulary practice on the go without need to lug around books, paper and pencils!

Bottom line, I recommend to enhance and support your spelling program.  If you don't have one, you can access others' public list for your child's grade level and be assured your child's vocabulary is growing!

** For Trail Guide to Learning Paths to series users, while you may need to do a bit more work in entering words as they come up in your weekly lessons, it is doable.  When I was able to enter a chunk of spelling words for a week at a time, it allowed my son an extra way to learn these words - while traveling in the car or hanging around the house.  But because POE doesn't give you a set list at the beginning of each unit or even lesson but introduces words here and there as the unit progresses, you'll need to do a bit more legwork at gathering those words AND entering them into a weekly format (so that you don't overwhelm your child with the entire unit's vocabulary words in one sitting).  I hope that helps!

***** In exchange for a honest review that is of my own opinion, without influence, I received access to a premium membership for my family, in order to provide accurate feedback on how the membership works. The opinions listed above are solely my own.*****

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