Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: January 9-13

I'm, well, a week late on my weekly wrap-up of our school but better late than never, right??
This was our first week back to school since Thanksgiving break. I figure the local school district does a 6 week break, why can't I?? Yes, for those wondering, we plan on doing school through some of June, although, if I was solely going based on the required number of school days California requires, we are fast approaching that number.
So, I had planned on easing back into school last week, but, as usual, I jumped with both feet in. I was so excited about the topics we were learning and getting back into our school routine that I threw the 'easing in' idea out the window! I'm not sure the boys shared my enthusiasm entirely, although, I think they welcomed having a strong structure to their days again.

Despite my pictures (or lackthereof), we DID do more than geography last week! Ah, well, blame on the excitement of getting back into learning!

Jake jumped into learning about New Hampshire. Have I mentioned how much I love, LOVE, LOVE Trail Guide to Geography?!?

Working hard on finding the facts on New Hampshire.

I got this Wallie U.S. map over break at Amazon and each state we begin, Jake gets to add it to the map! It's good practice for finding where it is on the map!

...and look! He even matches the map! What a cutie!

Josh is working through The Trail Guide to World Geography. It is teaching him to thoroughly navigate maps and atlas while familiarizing him with where countries are located around the world. Right now, he is still doing an overview of the world and getting the basic concepts of the various types of atlas'.

In addition to Geography, Math is another daily subject around here. Jake is working hard on his multiplication facts. Memorize, memorize, memorize. That's all I can say on that!

Looking over my pictures from last week, I only took them of geography each day! So strange! I must have been busy teaching the rest of the day, each day! Go figure! hee,hee... ;)

We did our fair share of history, science, reading and english/grammar. To top off our week, we had a field trip on Friday. We saw the play, "The Giver" at B. St. theatre. Josh had read the book in the fall, in anticipation of attending this play. He was disappointed in the play and how they told the story. He enjoyed the book much more. I have not read the book but after watching the play, I now have added "The Giver" to my reading list.

We had a great week back to school! I hope you did too!

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