Sunday, October 9, 2011

hello? Remember me?? and my summer journey...

Man, it's been awhile! Sorry about that! When I took the summer "off", I REALLY checked out! The time off to heal was a blessing and a great help. It helped physically, spiritually and emotionally. We chose activities outside (and inside) the home carefully and found ourselves with more free time and at home more often. But even with more intentional resting and little responsibility, my body was not responding. I was worried. The level of pain wasn't diminishing. In fact, it was growing worse. This was not how I wanted to start our new school year or another co-op year. I knew drastic times called for drastic measures and with the news of my husband's worsening heart condition, we changed our diet. Drastically. I am and have always been convinced in the direct link between the food we eat and the health we display. I have experienced first-hand health improvements when I eat real, fresh food. Specifically, fruits and vegetables.

So, we embarked on a 2 week homemade smoothie diet. Chris and I drank our 3 meals a day and each smoothie contained 5-10 servings of fruit and veggies. In using Nutrition therapy, Chris' heart symptoms diminished and was able to stop taking his newly acquired blood pressure medicine. I saw an immediate disappearance of the joint pain that had me taking WAY too much motrin and in tears each day. We both gained a wonderful amount of energy. We felt alive and healthy! At the end of the two weeks, it was hard to believe that my body had been fighting with a Lupus flare for 9 months! It was amazing to experience what 'good health' feels like for the first time in years!

Well, we slowly allowed food (you know, the kind you chew) back into our diet and became less discriminating on what we ate. BIG. MISTAKE. Our symptoms have slowly been coming back - one at a time - with each passing week. So, tomorrow we embark on round 2 of our green smoothie detox in the hopes of diminishing or even curing chronic illness, feeling healthy and GREAT again, and re-training our taste buds to be discriminating to God-made food!

Have you tried making green smoothies? If so, what is your favorite recipe? If not, why not? :)

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