Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ants in the pants...

I've been censored. At least, for now. I'm unable to post pictures. I'm also unable to describe, in detail, what took place over one weekend in November. I can't describe to you how my kitchen looks now. I'm forbidden to tell you all of the ways my kitchen was changed. How a construction and t.v. crew took my outdated and stagnant kitchen and turned into... well... I can't say.

And quite frankly, it's killing me. How long is a production company gonna make a girl wait, anyhow??

Until our show airs, which the producer said will most likely be the beginning of April, I can't talk about it. I can't even post pictures.

I CAN tell you that we had so much fun with the crew and host! Despite some anxious moments (you'll have to see), we laughed, joked, and tried to enjoy the company of 20+ extra people in our home for 3 days.

I CAN tell you that the host, Josh Temple, is wonderfully talented, funny and touching. Chris and I both had a moment with him where he opened his heart up and spoke some touching words to us that, honestly, blew both of us away. We were humbled and caught off guard by his comments he felt he had to say to us once everyone else had left. Chris and I will never forget those moments or his words.

I CAN tell you that holding a sledge hammer is thrilling! BWAHAHAHA - the power that tool carries!

I CAN tell you that nail guns ROCK! I highly recommend purchasing one. I highly recommend you do NOT point it at the camera man trying to shoot a close up of you using it, though.

I CAN tell you that, despite the hiccups that our show incurred (I'll have to tell you later), we laughed and joked and poked fun at each other. There is something about wrapping the cameraman up in tape that just sets the mood for the day, you know??

And finally, I CAN tell you that our show SHOULD be airing at the beginning of April (it's already been moved twice, so don't hold me to this). DIY Network. House Crashers. We are Episode 1 of Season 4.

OH! OH! I can ALSO tell you that all of Josh Temple's "house tips" that will be run on DIY for this next year, were filmed at our house!

Whew! Well, I'm glad I got some of that off of my chest! Waiting from November to April sure is asking a lot! I can barely contain myself, short of just completely ignoring the subject altogether... which I find easiest!

Stay tuned and watch for our episode! Let the countdown begin!


  1. AWESOME!!! I HAD NO IDEA!!! I'm excited!!! You'll have to record this episode!!! And how the heck did you get to be on the show?

  2. So cannot wait to see this when it finally airs! :) We don't get the DIY channel though, so I hope it'll be online somewhere! :)

  3. I'll post the air date when I know when that is... last I heard, the beginning of April! :)

    I'm not sure.. I hope it will be online too! I'll have to look into that! :)

    @Sandy - Oh man! Combo of good timing, Chris' humor and charm (as he was at Lowes not me), and God's timing because I don't believe in coincidence. :)